Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


bigstock_Pain_8299508What is in THE EDGE Chips?
The Chips contain a special blend of intrinsic energies that are formulated to affect certain conditions of the human body.  
They are non-transdermal so nothing enters the body.

How does THE EDGE Chips work if nothing enters the body?

This is a completely new science and new approach to health and wellness.  The Chip technology communicates with the body through the human electromagnetic field.  It works similar to acupuncture and is know as Bio-Magnetic Transfer.

What should I feel and how long should I wear THE EDGE Chips?
You will probably feel nothing.  The Chips are neither a depressant nor a stimulant.  
You should notice (depending on which Chip you are wearing) a very consistent level of energy, mental awareness, pain relief and return to a more natural flow of energy.  Both Chips (Pain Management & Performance Energy) are designed to be worn up to 3 days.

How often should I wear THE EDGE Chips?

It’s recommended that you wear the Performance Energy Chips daily.  Your body will go back to the more pure and normal characteristics of energy flow.  Once this occurs you should feel the positive effects on an ongoing basis.

The Pain Management Chips should be worn anytime you are experiencing pain or discomfort.  If your experiencing chronic pain it should be worn continuously to help keep the pain in check.

Will the Performance Energy Chips help my focus?
Yes! The Performance Energy Chips were initially designed with race car drivers in mind. Intense focus is a required attribute of that sport!

Will the Performance Energy Chips cause any problems with a drug test?
Absolutely Not! With the Performance Energy Chips, no drugs enter the body. The Chips are compleyely non-invasive. There are many professional atheletes using the PEC that are drug tested frequently with no problems.

Will the Performance Energy Chips make me stronger?
Yes! By opening the body's meridians, the Performance Energy Chips allow the body's natural energy fields to exert maximum strength. The PEC will not give you 20-inch arms; the PEC will allow you to maximize the strength you already have within your body.

Can I wear THE EDGE Pain Management Chips and Performance Energy Chips at the same time?
Yes you may.  In some situations they may even work better.    

Do Doctors recommended THE EDGE Chips?

Some do, mostly doctors who are not comfortable pushing harmful drugs into your body.
Note: If you have a disorder that is causing health related problems you should consult your Doctor before using The EDGE CHIPS.

Do I need to remove THE EDGE Chips at night?
You may but it’s not necessary.  They will not disturb your sleep at all.

Do I need to remove THE EDGE Chips when taking a shower?
No, the shower will not affect the Chips at all.  Just be careful when drying off.

How many of THE EDGE Pain Management Chips can I wear at one time?

First put a Pain Management Chip directly on the area in discomfort.  If in 5 to 10 minutes the pain is not significantly reduced or gone, place another Chip directly on the opposite side of the affected area.
Example: if the pain is on the topside of the wrist place another on the bottom side of the wrist. You will not always be able to place Chips in this manner.
Example: if your lower back is the area of discomfort you will need to put 2 or 3 Chips side by side.

If I wear more than one of THE EDGE Performance Energy Chips will I have more energy?

Professional Race Car Drivers and Professional Atheletes of all sports wear as many as six PEC's in a race or game. That is not necessary for most of us.  One or Two Chips should be more than sufficient.

What do you mean by proper hydration while using THE EDGE  Chips?

You must drink water… the amount will very based upon the size of the individual.  As a general guideline 8 glasses a day should be sufficient.  Colas, coffees, teas and alcohol actually De-Hydrate the body.