THE EDGE Performance Energy Chips (PEC) are multi-layered chips that adhesively binds sound vibrations into THE EDGE PEC's for the purpose of influencing the human vitality field.

champion_in_fitnessBy placing THE EDGE PEC's on certain acupuncture points, such as the Pericardium 6, THE EDGE PEC's can energize you. They are non-transdermal, therefore nothing enters your body. It's the best way to increase your strength, stamina, endurance, and recovery without the use of potentially harmful substances.

"It's the FUTURE--Working with our Inner Vitality Core."

For over 5,000 years, traditional Chinese healing arts have developed various forms of promoting inner energy flow. The refined arts of acupuncture, acupuncture point massage Shiatsu, Acupressure, Tai Chi, QiGong are all time-tested vehicles for inner energy and vitality promotion. Mapped out from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Chinese medical texts and named after different organs and body systems, the energy flows run along body pathways called "meridians.” THE EDGE PEC's work a lot like the flow of water through a garden hose. The water flows freely until a kink occurs in the hose. This reduces a strong flow to slow trickle. If we straighten the kink, the water flow is no longer blocked and its flow strength returns. This can be compared to the stimulating of an acupuncture point along a stagnant meridian. Point stimulus restores energy flow

"The human body has an electrical frequency and that much about a person’s health can be determined by it. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between any two points. Everything has frequency.” - Dr. Robert O. Becker in The Body Electric

Beautiful_young_woman_runniPlacement Options of THE EDGE Performance Energy Chip:

Always clean, dry and shave (if necessary) desired area where the PEC is to be placed.

A) Chest Point - Follow collar bone where it meets clavicle, go down about two (2) inches and place THE EDGE PEC on the soft, spongy part. Place an PEC on each side of the chest.

B) Knee Point - Sit with foot flat on the floor, cup you hand over the knee, and place a PEC where your ring finger falls (soft, spongy part). Place a THE EDGE PEC on the outside of each knee.

C) Ankle Point - Inside ankle bone, feel on shin bone, about two (2) to four (4) inches up, move and place THE EDGE PEC. Place a Racers Edge Perfomance Energy Chip on the inside of each ankle.

NOTE: THE EDGE Perfomance Energy Chip will NOT adhere to skin conditioned with lotions. If hairy, you may need to shave areas where The Edge Performance Energy Chips are to be placed.


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